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The spark between art and science

Scientists and Artists – Sparking Concepts


Since Leonardo Da Vinci and before, science and art have evolved together,

driving both new technology and new art.


Growing Art Partnerships bring together individuals in science, technology and art

for the purpose of generating the spark of new ideas.


Joint creative projects by research and development personnel working together with artists serve to 'unlimit' thinking, and drive innovation.


Talk to us about creative collaborations that can change the way your organisation thinks about itself, and the way your market thinks about your organisation.

Art Curation – Sparking Collaborations


A profoundly different team building exercise, this process invites deep thinking about your organisation's core values and how to express them.

With the ability to connect through both emotion and intellect, the impact that art makes upon its patrons is especially unique.


Taking this concept one step further, Growing Art Partnerships involves your whole company in art curation, guiding your team through the process of curating and staging an exhibition.


Ask us about how we can evolve new ways of expressing value to your clients to help push your organisation's thinking and performance forward.

Projects - Sparking Public Engagement


Our decades of expertise in consumer and business advertising and marketing can help guide and develop concepts that align with your organisation's aims, express your unique values and promote your core objectives.


Undertake joint art and science projects, cultural team building exercises or commission art that expresses your goals.  GAP offer event and public relations activations through experiential, social and digital channels.


Discover innovative new ways to invigorate your market presence, raising visibility in new and unexpected ways.


Deep thinking along unconventional lines helps your company to communicate with your marketplace on a level that sparks conversations.

Art, Exhibitions and Workshops

The Wellcome-MRC Stem Cell Institute

The MS Society

University of Cambridge Depts. of Chemistry, Archeology & Anthropology

Cambridge Computer Laboratory


Institute of Physics

Anglia Ruskin University

Cambridge Science Festival

Festival of Ideas

Pint of Science

Creative Reactions

The e-Luminate Festival

e-Luminate Studio and The Light Lab

The Jonathan Ross Collection

Gallery 286, London

Make Your Own Hologram Workshops


Cambridge Live

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